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Vous venez de perdre au Jeu? Clamez maintenant votre perte en ligne et contaminez tous vos amis!
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Sit back, relax, and whatever you do, don't think about The Game.
"Le plus grand site consacré au Jeu."
- Canadian Press

"Soulevant le voile sur les mystères du Jeu face au monde entier."
- The Metro

"De même, le Jeu."
- TIME Magazine
Lose The Game
"La source de donnée la plus complète de la planète au sujet du Jeu."
- Kerrang! Radio

"Entièrement dédié à informer les masses de l’existence du Jeu."
- Wikinews

"Pouvons-nous y rejouer demain?"
- Kiwi FM
We regularly receive ideas and feedback from losers throughout the world. This page lists some of the major contributors to LoseTheGame.com.
Jonty Haywood
Jonty Haywood created LoseTheGame.com in 2005. The website soon gained self-awareness, absorbed Jonty into its source code, and decided its purpose was to infect every human mind with The Game. It has been taking its mission of global infection to more and more ridiculous levels ever since.

Jonty lives on within the website where he has reportedly developed superhuman powers. Like his childhood hero Bananaman, the ingestion of certain biological materials gives him the ability to traverse spacetime at 70,000 mph while creating simulations of triangles having sex (see below). Prior to his assimilation he claims to have once been a millionaire, fallen two miles, juggled sand, seen his own DNA, heard colour, skinned a crocodile and even eaten brains, although not all at the same time.

If you'd like to know more about Jonty, you can contact him via this site, add him on Facebook, or check out his Wikpedia article. For an insight into his deranged ponderings, take a look as some of his favourite videos, games, facts and quotes on the home page.
Daniel Marden
Daniel Marden, from Essex, UK, has been a major contributor to LoseTheGame.com since its inception. His ability to meticulously scan every aspect of the website for bugs and visual flaws has lead to countless improvements. He has provided a wealth of ideas for our global infection campaigns and is always keen to provide constructive feedback. Danny's hobbies include multiplex juggling and creating brain-melting puzzles.

Cen The Alligator
Known only as 'Cen', this contributor is a mystical entity that is half-alligator, half-Jesus. He surfs brain-waves around the universe, occasionally stopping by on Earth to lend a hand with our website. As an all-knowing being, he is able to answer questions as yet unanswered by humankind, such as how to use htaccess files and what exactly 'crontab' is for.
Nuno Antunes
Nuno Antunes is from Faro, Portugal. He is the creator of The Game Community on Deviant Art where he has amassed a group of Game-losing artists. He has also had some awesome ideas for our up-and-coming infection challenge. Eventually he will be credited with translating LoseTheGame.com into Portuguese too, but we have to ask him to do it first! :D
Laura Di Gianfrancesco
Laura is from Rome, Italy. She is currently undertaking the mammoth task of translating the whole website into Italian. After the English-speaking countries, Italians are the most common visitors to LoseTheGame.com. The Game is very popular in Italy, and thanks to Laura, soon the whole country will be infected!
The Black Meowth
The Black Meowth, known to her friends as Charlotte, is a curious creature that dwells atop Mont Blanc in France. She loves zombies, radioactivity and other girly stuff like that. Her mission is to infect the French-speaking world with The Game and she is helping us translate the entire website!
Kiss of Clown
Kiss of Clown is a translator, Minecraftsman and memologist from Chile. He is currently translating LoseTheGame.com into Spanish in order to infect the 400 million Spanish-speakers worldwide.