Lose The Game - Strategies
Did you just lose The Game? Announce your loss online now and infect all your friends!
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Sit back, relax, and whatever you do, don't think about The Game.
Lose The Game
▪ ▪ ▪Try to forget The Game and you'll just lose even more...▪ ▪ ▪
▪ ▪ ▪The only strategy is to make everyone else lose...▪ ▪ ▪
▪ ▪ ▪Our mission is to make the whole world lose The Game!▪ ▪ ▪
This page is packed full of strategies for making friends, strangers, and ultimately the whole world lose The Game. Please read on and contact us with any more ideas.
If you can make thousands of people lose The Game you could win a legendary Game Award!
Global Initiatives
Triggering mass loss on a global scale.
Clothing & Merchandise
Make everyone around you lose all the time
Social Websites
Infecting the internets
Stealth & Surprise
Make your friends lose when they least expect it.
  • Hidden notes, posters, banners, car stickers & graffiti

    • A classic strategy, and a trick that never gets old. Hide notes that will make people lose everywhere you can; the more creative the better. Inside books, drawers, your friend's pocket... sticky notes on light switches, mirrors... the possibilities are endless. This photo was featured on the front page of the UK Metro!

    • Try to get stories published in newspapers or on news websites with hidden references to The Game.

    • You can also hide messages in multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft, LittleBig Planet or Halo (see below).

    • Put up posters or hand out fliers in the busiest places in town or around school. They don't need to be subtle (e.g. 'THE GAME!!!') but you could make them appear more serious so that they are not removed (e.g. 'Take part in a new psychological experiment...'). Below are some posters/fliers people have created for you to print out:

    • If you're going to a busy place, like a music concert, sports event or just the center of town, make a big banner or sign, or wear a Lose The Game t-shirt.

    • Pimp your ride Game-style with a home-made car sticker!

    • Last but not least, graffiti. Like downloading music and loitering, graffiti is a serious crime, so don't do it! Whatever you do, don't plaster The Game all over the walls...

    • ...or on banknotes!

  • Want us to email your friends and make them lose?

    Send us your friends' email addresses and Twitter usernames on our contact page and we'll send sporadic messages that make them lose The Game. We use curious email subjects and mutliple email sources to ensure there is no escape.

  • School Strategies & Office Offensives

    • Place sticky notes under computer mice so when people check why it isn't working they see "Brought to you by LoseTheGame.com"
    • Change desktop backgrounds and screensavers to something that makes everyone lose.
    • Change the Windows start-up sound (and other Windows sound effects) to something that will make people lose.
    • Change all their browsers' home pages to our Ultimate Home Page.
    • Hijack the intercom, assemblies, performances, meetings and emailing lists.
    • Make your whole class do their projects, experiments, essays and other work all about The Game.
    • Infect your teachers or boss!
    • Get The Game banned, censorship always backfires!
    • Cover the walls in posters and sticky notes. Target places people always look; clocks, mirrors, toilets, doorways...
    • Use our posters and fliers (in the 'Hidden notes' section above) or design your own and send them to us too!
    • Hide folded paper around with "Do not open" on the front.
    • Start a "Lose The Game" group for extracurricular activites. Build an elite task-force to devise even better strategies.
    • Organise psychological experiments based on The Game for science projects. Put up posters to find participants.
    • Please contact us with any more ideas!

  • YouTube songs that'll make your friends lose

    Check out our YouTube playlist of over 70 songs that will make your friends lose The Game. Send them a link to an 'awesome' song that you just found and wait for the losses to follow. If you've got any suggestions for new songs that might make people lose please let us know.

  • Iron Man III Unbelievably Awesome Movie Trailer

    Iron Man III will feature some of the most awesome special effects ever seen, reveal unbelievable plot twists, introduce amazing as yet unseen Marvel characters, and, most importantly, make everyone lose The Game. Be sure to send all your friends this link to see the new trailer: http://www.lronManlll.com

  • The mysterious secret of 0119174

    What is the mysterious secret of the number '0119174'? Ask your friends and loss is sure to ensue! Some other mysterious numbers include RFC748, 9780060554736, 360600, 281805, 0411008, 467574, 9781594487637, 1004105672, ed3a3ea6c08de5f2, 50929779, 104026242978882, 0388980...

    What happens if you copy this sentence, paste it into Google, and hit enter?

Media & Government
Infecting the airwaves.
Art & Music
Get creative!
  • Join our DeviantArt community

    A community of artistic deviants determined to paint The Game across the world in psychedelic colours so bright they can be seen from other dimensions. Click here to check it out!

  • Contribute to our '101 Ways To Lose The Game' poster

    What makes you lose The Game? Submit a picture and it'll be included in our awesome poster to make everyone else lose too! Click here to check it out

  • Design a Google logo for Lose The Game Day

    Hundreds of millions of people use Google every day, and sometimes Google change their logo for special occassions. Please help by emailing Google with reasons why you think they should have a Lose The Game Google Doodle, or even better, make a design yourself and send it to them (and us too!)

  • Songs about The Game

    Musical losers from across the world have come together to create some awesome tunes all about The Game. If you can make a song about The Game please let us know. If it's awesome enough you could win a legendary Game Award. Below are some songs songs about The Game and some lyrics we've been sent that have yet to be sung. Left-click the songs to play them in your browser or right-click to download them:

    Game Song by Henry Cao

    It maybe the way you look at me as I walk into class
    The teacher steals a glare at me as I hand in my pass
    I don't know what you're thinking; now isn't that a shame?
    But one thing I do know- its that I lost the fucking game

    [Chorus] Cuz every time I think of you I lose the goddamn game
    I do not know whose fault it is as no one is to blame
    It happened just the day after I knew your freaking name
    But every time I think of you I lose the fucking game

    I open up my mouth and I say the fatal words
    A chuckle sounds in my throat as fall also do the nerds
    I look at all the others and my face turns so amused
    Since everybody else there is utterly confused


    I sit in my room working at the damn computer screen
    A window flashes announcing an IM yet unseen
    I do not need to read it as you've changed my view of AIM
    As you always use that program to make me lose The Game


    After I complain a bit you offer me a truce
    I'm thinking that you might as well be giving me a noose
    You know perfectly well what you have just became
    You know that you always will make me lose the damn game


    The next day when I see you I feel a deep disgrace
    I try to catch up to you so towards you I do chase
    I spin you around and look you in the face
    As I really want to put you into your proper place

    Cuz every time you think of me you lose the goddamn game
    You know its true and I know that I'm completely to blame
    I know its really stupid and you agree that it is lame
    But every time you think of me you lose the fucking game

    Dammit I Lose by Tyler Head

    In all honesty, we are always involved,
    To remember The Game is your downfall.

    Declare your losses, let everyone know,
    Listen to the moans of the people you've shown.

    Dammit I Lose!
    Dammit I Lose!
    Dammit I Lose and so do you!

    It will never be over, it will never end,
    So the best thing to do is to forget again.

    In a halfhour you won't be safe,
    The Game will spread like bubonic plague.

    Dammit I Lose!
    Dammit I Lose!
    Dammit I Lose and so do you!

    Dammit I lose, so you do too,
    Because I've passed the curse to you.

    You are always playing, beware this fact,
    There is no end, you can't go back.

    Lose The Game by Adam Hathaway

    Rule number one, you are playing
    You are always playing, never ending.
    You try to stop but it’s against the rules
    And the rules are never broken.

    [Chorus] And, you just lost The Game,
    There’s no winning, only to forget,
    You lost The Game, be happy,
    You’d have lost anyway.

    Rule number two, when you play,
    You always lose, because you remember,
    Try not to, but try to forget,
    So that you don’t lose.


    Rule number three, announce your failing,
    It’s in the rules and you have to obey,
    Tell everyone around you,
    That you just lost The Game.


    The aim is, to get the world playing
    To lose The Game, everybody fails,
    Tell everyone you know, about The Game,
    And try to forget.



    this game is hard to beat I can't think about nothing
    every time i think about The Game i was thinkin bout something
    its got me going insane so now i am frontin
    this game got me going crazy
    this game has me feeling lazy
    im just startin to feel racey
    im sittin in this damn computer just losing my mind
    there is just no other website i can seem to find
    that's why this game has me in a bind
    and i cant see shit i feel im goin blind
    to the fact there is no possible way to win
    you lose as soon as u begin
    its kinda like committin a sin
    so now im writing a song about this crazy game
    its just always been and will always be the same
    i can never win this game wat a damn shame


    There's a meme of some internet fame
    Which recites much resentment and blame
    But I'll take no excuse
    For your verbal abuse
    When you realise you've lost ... ....

  • Lose The Game Software & Applications

    Dedicated programmers are currently working on applications that:

    • help you rapidly announce your loss all over the internet.
    • can be secretly (and irreversibly) installed on your friends computers to make them lose sporadically.
    • automatically insert references to The Game on random Wikipedia articles.

    Stay tuned for the final releases. If you're a programmer and feel like making something to help the world lose, please get in touch.

  • Puzzling puzzles by puzzled puzzler Daniel Marden

    Be warned, after years of puzzling, nobody has come close to a solution; these puzzles are tough! Know any geniuses? Send them these puzzles, and if they ever solve them, they're gonna lose, big time!

    There's a clue for Theorem Inventor somewhere in this video...